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O que é seguro suplementar?

Se você é quem cuida financeiramente da sua família, é importante conhecer os benefícios do seguro suplementar e aprender como ele poderá proteger a sua família! Veja o video abaixo! Entre em contato conosco e aproveite para tirar todas as suas dúvidas! (561) 487-5115. Suas consultas são sempre gratuitas!... Read Article

Florida Counties & Home Insurance Companies With The Lowest Homeowner’s Rates

Securing Affordable Homeowner’s Insurance in Florida Most people are just interested in how much their homeowner’s policy is going to cost them and getting the lowest priced premium they can find. So with people always searching for the best “deal” it’s natural that I get asked over and over again, “what Florida Insurance carrier has the cheapest homeowner’s policies?” This question is a valid one... Read Article

Mold And Water Damage – Are You Covered?

  Water damage within your home can result in substantial damage. When it comes to homeowners’ insurance coverage, water damage is a complex issue. Many homeowners do not fully understand what types of water damage are covered and what may be excluded. The following is a look at mold and water damage as it relates to homeowners’ insurance in Florida: The Source of the Water... Read Article

Does your Florida Company have the Business Insurance that it needs?

  According to Investopedia, a leading business website, business insurance is insurance coverage that protects businesses from losses due to events that may occur during the normal course of business. Unfortunately, too many small businesses fail to acknowledge that business insurance is the only way to save their businesses should these events occur. Many ends up closing their doors when paying just a small amount... Read Article