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Does Business Insurance Cover My Office Rental?

If you're renting office space for your company, having your own business insurance policy is a must. Even though the property owner or landlord is responsible for having insurance on the physical building, business insurance helps protect belongings and mishaps that are your responsibility, says Loretta Worters, vice president, Insurance Information Institute (III). Plus, Worters says, "More and more frequently, landlords are requiring insurance from... Read Article

Ten Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance in Florida

  Shopping for auto insurance can be confusing and complicated, but doing your homework can make it less of a mystery. No matter what vehicle you drive, car, truck, or SUV, it is important to carry sufficient liability protection. Liability coverage is designed to protect you and your assets in the event you cause an accident that damages another driver’s property or results in bodily... Read Article

Do Both Parents Have To Pay For Their Teenager's Insurance?

We’ve got an email last week from a friend whose client was battling with an insurance company over her teenage son. This client is a single mother whose son resides with his father. The son is of driving age, and his father has him listed on his auto insurance policy as a driver. However, the mother's insurer insisted on listing him (and charging for him)... Read Article