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Is Your Backyard Safe? Check Out These Summer Safety Tips

Summer is on its way, and with it you can expect the occasional bicycle accident, skinned knee, or sunburn. We’re usually so focused on the dangers in the “outside world,” it’s easy to forget that injuries can occur in our own back yards. Read on to learn how to recognize and remove these common backyard safety hazards. Find and Fill Holes in Your Yard Careless... Read Article

O que é seguro suplementar?

Se você é quem cuida financeiramente da sua família, é importante conhecer os benefícios do seguro suplementar e aprender como ele poderá proteger a sua família! Veja o video abaixo! Entre em contato conosco e aproveite para tirar todas as suas dúvidas! (561) 487-5115. Suas consultas são sempre gratuitas!... Read Article

Household Items That Can Be Dangerous to Pets

There’s more to being a pet owner than keeping your furry friend up to date on rabies shots and purchasing healthful food and treats. Did you know that the screens in your windows and even some plants in your garden may pose a hazard to your pet? Help keep your pet safe in your home by taking a look at some of the household items... Read Article

Five Keys to Packing a Healthy School Lunch

It’s back-to-school season — and while the kids embark on a year of new discoveries, parents can help fuel them by making lunch healthy and enjoyable. Forget the same old PB&J sandwiches and potato chips. Here are some ideas for healthy lunches to help introduce nutritious variety to your child’s diet. Start With the Healthful Basics The essential building blocks of a healthful lunch —... Read Article

Considering a Backyard Fire Pit? Here’s What You Should Know

No longer will a wood deck with a barbecue do for many homeowners wanting to enjoy their back yards. These days, accessorizing means amenities like ponds, flower beds, vegetable gardens, outdoor kitchens, and, increasingly, fire pits that crackle and glow. One reason for fire pits’ appeal? According to Sacramento, Calif., landscape designer Michael Glassman, a fire pit can extend back yard use through fall and... Read Article